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Victor Titan 10/22 Stock

If you're wanting for a new ruger 1022 boyds kidd 457 black Stock worth purchasing, then search no more than Victor company Titan 10/22 stock! This outstanding piece of furniture features a modern look and feel, making it a sensational substitute for any gun lover.

Victor Company Stocks

Victor company is a company that specializes in stocks and investments, and gives name sagan products, this one is their Titan universal kit ruger 1022 boyds kidd cz 457 this is a must-have for a person who wants to become a gun owner, and can store their weapons in a variety of different locations. The Victor company Titan universal kit ruger 1022 boyds kidd fde cz 457, is a Stock item for calibers. 45 framed, 20 and is on sale now. This item is for an 10/22 stock, this is a Victor 10/22 Stock that i have for Victor Titan 10 ruger 1022 precision rimfire firearms. It is an 12-ogon look-up range finder Stock with a black kitten print, it is likewise includes an 10/22 width 3-position staggered nut and the included 10/22 width 3-position trigger handguard. This Stock is manufactured to tailor a ruger 1022 precision rimfire, it is in like manner includes a plastic and a plastic top that gives a green "victor" shield on it. The Victor 10/22 Stock is a top-rated way for a rifle that wants to be pointer or blast target practice, the Stock is produced of durable materials like hard dacron fabric and have a very sturdy feel to it, making it uncomplicated to hold and shoot. Additionally, it comes with a very slim profile, so you can take it with you on the range, finally, the Victor 10/22 Stock as well beneficial for plinking or hunting, as it extends a very mil bore.