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45-70 Stock Shell Holder

This is a top-of-the-line piece of Stock for your rifle, it holds up to 30-06 308 ammo and 30-30 308 ammo. It's made of sturdy materials and can easily withstand contact with other ammunition.

45-70 Stock Shell Holder Walmart

This is a valuable Stock Shell Holder for use with an ar or other rifle with a buttstock, the Holder comes in various sizes to suit most rifles. It also includes an 30-30 45-70 cartridge, the Holder can be used to smokers to hold the cartridge in place while smoking. This is an 45-70 Stock Holder that fits 30-06 308, it is fabricated of durable materials and designed to keep your gun in place. The Holder is again angle-able to angle the Stock in or out of the substitute of walkways and other objects, this is an outstanding way to keep your rifle in good condition without having to go out and buy a new one. This Holder fits 30-30-06 308 45-70, it's a little bit of a clamp and trouble-makers and crop-minded people have found that it makes it difficult to get the gun off the Holder at all. The Holder imparts an easy-to-use qr code that allows for quick and straightforward purchase of the required shells, the Holder also holds other firearms cartridges, such as 30- niger 30-gm resin tipped bullet, which can be used with a m4 type stock.